The Scroll ran a column today talking up the third season of Last Poet Standing. There were some interesting quotes and insights. My favorite was “It was my first time going. There was an unexpected amount of talent.” It always surprised me too. You can read the article here
A magazine article looking at the first two seasons of Last Poet Standing, and trying to understand some of the factors leading to its success can be accessed here.
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The Blog BYU-Idaho Reviewed went to the finale of Season 2 of Last Poet Standing. There report is here:
The Scroll put together a preview of the second season finale of Last Poet Standing. You can read the article here:
The Scroll has an article up for the second season of Last Poet Standing:
During the first season of Last Poet Standing Mike Hodges kept a great blog about the week to week happenings. If you're feeling nostalgic you can review what he wrote here: