An Ode to My Cardboard Cutout of Hugh Jackman 
by Melissa Miner

You never judge
You never tease 
You think I’m beautiful when I’m on my knees 
Sobbing into my carton of Chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. 
You love the way I spend the day in my rubber duck pajamas. 
Messy bun with hair all over the place 
Nail polish chipping 
Not a single speck of make up on my face. 
You listen. …when my prom date cancelled the week of prom, 
when I was egged by a car of boys in front of the Spori, 
when my roommates were on dates and I was watching cat videos on YouTube, 
You were there for me. 
You think my Supernatural addiction is a testament to my good taste in television shows. 
You think I’m adorable when I eat Three corndogs, a can of chili, six mini snickers and a piece of left-over birthday cake For dinner. 
You know that all my quirks are what makes me, Me. 
And you don’t think that should ever change. 
So let this be a simple thanks 
You are the Wilson to my Tom Hanks
Last Poet-phile
1/29/2013 11:36:05 pm

My favorite part of this is the line about Supernatural being a testament to good taste in TV shows, because it turns the cardboard cutout into such a symbol. It's so silly but it becomes such a great tool to explore all of these insecurities.


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