Groundhog Rap
By Steven Duncan

Being a groundhog isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
There’s no one less excited about Groundhog Day than me.
People laugh when to my burrow I resign.
We all have our burrows - yours is just different from mine.

How’d you like a holiday about your insecurity?
Where others expose you out of obscurity?
Seeing my shadow makes my stomach somersault,
Six more weeks of winter is not my fault!

If you’re not catching the message I’m trying to install
Allow me, if you will, to break it down for y’all.

Whaddup, I’m the groundhog.
I’m in no position to be fishing for derision I’m just wishing that you’ll listen to my humble petition.
It’s a simple proposition and given my condition you can probably envision my repeated indecision 
but it’s time I just said it: Groundhog Day is superstition.
That’s all it is, it’s a boring holiday no one remembers anyway.
It’s time to break tradition.
Groundhog out.

Matty knowles
6/11/2013 08:38:50 am

Sik word play an content. Braaap


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